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Strategic Plan


To develop and implement a comprehensive, evolving Master Plan for the restoration, refurbishment, and preservation of the Idaho State Capitol Building and its grounds, along with a Funding Program that combines public and private funds to implement the Master Plan.


The Idaho State Capitol, one of the state’s most renowned landmarks, is a unique public monument that captures the spirit of Idaho’s citizens and symbolize Idaho’s sovereignty. The Commission’s vision is to restore the Capitol to its original splendor. By maintaining the Capitol’s historical character, the Commission will preserve its legacy for Idaho’s citizens and for future generations.

Goal 1

Develop and implement a Master Plan that will recognize and incorporate these facts and will both preserve and enhance the Capitol’s historic character and architectural uniqueness.

  • Objective 1
    Develop schematic plans and construction contract specifications designed to carry out the Master Plan for restoration and preservation for the Capitol.
  • Objective 2
    Include the participation of all interested Idaho citizens by developing and implementing a comprehensive public information and involvement program, as funding allows.
  • Objective 3
    Implement the renovations within the Master Plan, when funding becomes available.
  • Objective 4
    Until renovation begins, implement and fund emergency actions that are necessary to protect the historical uniqueness of the Capitol.

Goal 2

Present a Funding Program to the Legislature that will include a combination of public and private funding sources at various levels from throughout Idaho.

  • Objective 1
    Continue to evaluate fund raising approaches open to the Commission.
  • Objective 2
    Update and refine the Commission’s proposals and options to fund the Capitol restoration, and present those proposals and options to the Governor and the Legislature for consideration during the 2003 legislative session.
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