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Capitol Grounds

The Capitol Building grounds have had several different planting concepts developed over the years, and at the time of the restoration reflected a design that was implemented in 1984-1985. The design incorporated formal hedges, symmetrical tree alignments, and large areas of manicured turf and annual flower beds. The landscape is attractive and well maintained, and won landscaping awards in 1990 and 1998.

Past landscape themes for the Capitol have been less formal in their design intent, and have incorporated more organic forms and lines. In addition, the past designs included many labor-intensive plant materials such as rose gardens, annual flower beds, and other high-maintenance plant materials. While being aesthetically pleasing, the use of high-maintenance landscape plantings has been tempered in favor of attractive plantings which require less maintenance. However, it is recommended in the Master Plan that when the landscape design for the grounds is studied for potential changes, that historical elements from previous designs be incorporated into the current design. These elements might include the triangular planting beds which were located at sidewalk intersections and the diamond-shaped plantings of peonies which were located on the east and west sides of the building.

Capitol Grounds Plant Guide

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