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Historical Restoration

Preservation of Capitol Items and Furnishings

As part of the Capitol restoration project, items typically on display are removed, photographed, cataloged, restored (as needed), and then placed in storage. Once the Capitol building renovation is complete, the items will be returned to the building for display.

Conservation of The George Washington Statue

Statue of George Washington George Washington Statue The George Washington Equestrian statue was carved by Charles L. Ostner out of yellow pine wood in 1869. It was a gift to the pioneers of the Idaho Territory and stood outside of the Territorial Capitol in Boise until the building was removed to make room for the current Idaho State Capitol building.

The statue was restored and gilded in 1966 and placed on display in the 2nd floor rotunda. During the Capitol Restoration Project Project, from about 2007 to 2010, it was stored and crated on site and eventually relocated to the 4th floor rotunda Statuary Hall entrance.

The old base of the statue had to be taken apart for the move. The base that supports it now on the 4th floor is made from black marble of the old base and wood from historic trees that needed to be removed from the Capitol building grounds during the restoration project. It was cleaned and re-gilded for the Grand Re-opening of the Capitol in 2010.

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