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Capitol License Plate
The Capitol License Plate design

The Idaho Capitol Commission has developed and is implementing a master plan for the restoration, refurbishment and preservation of the Idaho Capitol and its grounds. The restoration is being financed through a combination of sales of restoration license plates, appropriations by the Idaho Legislature, proceeds from state endowment lands and private contributions. The goal is to restore the Capitol to its original splendor.

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What is the Capitol Restoration License Plate?

The Idaho Capitol Commission has selected a design rich in symbolism for a special, limited-edition license plate being sold to raise funds to help restore the Idaho State Capitol. The unique design of the plate features a graphic of the Capitol dome, the most prominent aspect of the building. It includes a procession of stars that, like the 43 located on the interior ceiling of the actual dome, represents Idaho’s statehood. And finally, the stars morph into birds that signify Idaho’s official bird, the mountain bluebird.

Support the Restoration of Idaho’s Capitol Building

The Capitol restoration license plate provides a great way for people to express support for Idaho’s most treasured public building. In addition to making a financial contribution to the restoration effort, Idahoans who buy these plates will be able in a very prominent way to show their support for efforts to ensure that the Capitol stands for another 100 years. Sample Capitol restoration license plates also are available. They make unique “Idaho” gifts for friends and family, and can be personalized at no extra charge.

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