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This Manual provides information for Occupants and visitors regarding the use of space at the Idaho State Capitol.  Idaho Code establishes who is responsible for use and maintenance of the Capitol.  Idaho Administrative Rules govern the use of the Capitol.  The Idaho Code and Administrative Rules provisions cited in this Manual are included in Attachment 1.  In summary:

  • The Legislature determines the use and allocation of space on the Garden Level, first, third, and fourth floors of the Capitol. The Legislature also maintains that space.  (Idaho Code § 67-1602.)
  • The Governor determines the use and allocation of space within the second floor of the Capitol. The Department of Administration maintains that space.  (Idaho Code § 67-1602.)
  • Public space within the interior of the Capitol, defined as the rotunda; the hallways on the first and second floors; the restrooms located adjacent thereto; the elevators; and the stairways between the first, second, third and fourth floors (except the interior stairways between the third and fourth floors within the legislative chambers), is maintained by the Department of Administration. (Idaho Code § 67-1602.)
  • Use of the exterior of the Capitol is determined by the Director of the Department of Administration. (Idaho Code §§ 67-1603 and 67-5708.) The Department of Administration maintains the exterior.
  • The Idaho Capitol Commission has the duty to review all proposals to reconstruct, remodel, or restore space within the Capitol and to review all proposals involving objects of art, memorials, statues, or exhibits to be placed on a permanent or temporary basis in Public Space in the Capitol or on the Capitol exterior. (Idaho Code § 67-1608.)

The Governor, the Legislature and the Director of the Department of Administration work closely with the Idaho Capitol Commission to protect the Capitol and help ensure it is protected for generations of Idahoans to come.  This Manual was developed to help accomplish that goal.  The Manual:

  • Describes guidelines for use of the Capitol by the public and Occupants of the Capitol. These guidelines supplement the rules governing the Capitol, at IDAPA 38.04.08.
  • Provides contact information for repairs and maintenance and explains who should be notified when changes to interior space are performed. If you have any questions, please contact Facilities Services (208-332-1937), Legislative Services (208-334- 4850) or the Capitol Curator (208-891-7617).
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Idaho’s Capitol is our state’s most-treasured building. Within its beautiful sandstone walls, laws have been passed, issues debated, and citizen rights safeguarded for nearly a century. To ensure the Capitol’s long history and legacy, the Idaho Capitol Commission was appointed by Governor Phil Batt in July 1998. Subsequent Governors have been strong advocates of the Commission and its goal to restore and preserve the Capitol to its original splendor.

On January 9, 2010, the Idaho Statehouse, “A Capitol of Light,” was rededicated after 3 years of restorations and renovations. For more information about the project, including the addition of the underground wings, check out the Restoration page.

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Learn more about Idaho’s most significant and treasured structure by taking an online tour of each floor and the exterior grounds at Capitol of Light: The People’s House.

For details about the hours, tour schedules, gift shop, online store, dining-room, and scheduling rooms and events visit the Idaho Legislature website.

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