History of the Idaho Capitol Building

Capitol Commission Seeks Public Comment Regarding Updates to the Capitol Building Usage Manual

The Idaho Capitol Commission is seeking public input regarding proposed changes to the current Capitol Building Usage Manual.

To view the draft of proposed changes and to submit your comment, please go to the “Public Comment” tab above.

This Manual provides information for Occupants and visitors regarding the use of space at the Idaho State Capitol.  Idaho Code establishes who is responsible for use and maintenance of the Capitol.  Idaho Administrative Rules govern the use of the Capitol.  The Idaho Code and Administrative Rules provisions cited in this Manual are included in Attachment 1.  In summary:

  • The Legislature determines the use and allocation of space on the Garden Level, first, third, and fourth floors of the Capitol. The Legislature also maintains that space.  (Idaho Code § 67-1602.)
  • The Governor determines the use and allocation of space within the second floor of the Capitol. The Department of Administration maintains that space.  (Idaho Code § 67-1602.)
  • Public space within the interior of the Capitol, defined as the rotunda; the hallways on the first and second floors; the restrooms located adjacent thereto; the elevators; and the stairways between the first, second, third and fourth floors (except the interior stairways between the third and fourth floors within the legislative chambers), is maintained by the Department of Administration. (Idaho Code § 67-1602.)
  • Use of the exterior of the Capitol is determined by the Director of the Department of Administration. (Idaho Code §§ 67-1603 and 67-5708.) The Department of Administration maintains the exterior.
  • The Idaho Capitol Commission has the duty to review all proposals to reconstruct, remodel, or restore space within the Capitol and to review all proposals involving objects of art, memorials, statues, or exhibits to be placed on a permanent or temporary basis in Public Space in the Capitol or on the Capitol exterior. (Idaho Code § 67-1608.)

The Governor, the Legislature and the Director of the Department of Administration work closely with the Idaho Capitol Commission to protect the Capitol and help ensure it is protected for generations of Idahoans to come.  This Manual was developed to help accomplish that goal.  The Manual:

  • Describes guidelines for use of the Capitol by the public and Occupants of the Capitol. These guidelines supplement the rules governing the Capitol, at IDAPA 38.04.08.
  • Provides contact information for repairs and maintenance and explains who should be notified when changes to interior space are performed. If you have any questions, please contact Facilities Services (208-332-1937), Legislative Services (208-334- 4850) or the Capitol Curator (208-891-7617).

Glass Replacement to Begin at the Capitol

There will be work inside the Capitol this summer beginning the week of June 7th and continuing through October to replace windows throughout the building.

It was discovered several years ago that historic replica “chicken wire” glass installed during the renovation completed in 2009 were delaminating, or separating, internally. The effect of this is visible, especially in the rotunda, where the glass has developed round circles in areas that have delaminated.  Because the glass separation may affect the integrity of the windows it is more than a simple cosmetic issue. Because of this, the Capitol Commission has been actively engaged with the original renovation contractor to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement to share costs and complete the work.

Windows reachable by ladder both in common areas and tenant spaces will be replaced beginning the second week of June with minimal interruption for both tenants and visitors.

Reaching the skylights on the 4th floor and upper rotunda areas will require erecting scaffolding. Every level of the Capitol rotunda from the garden level to the fourth floor will have some impact from the project. The garden level will be reinforced to support a material hoist installed on the first floor and scaffolding will be installed from the second floor to the fourth. A temporary protective wall will surround the interior of the rotunda allowing the building to remain open to both tenants and visitors during the duration of the project.

Construction of the scaffolding will begin the week of July 5th with an anticipated completion date of October 15th. We will update the schedule and publish it here as the project progresses.



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