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Glass Replacement to Begin at the Capitol

There will be work inside the Capitol this summer beginning the week of June 7th and continuing through October to replace windows throughout the building.

It was discovered several years ago that historic replica “chicken wire” glass installed during the renovation completed in 2009 were delaminating, or separating, internally. The effect of this is visible, especially in the rotunda, where the glass has developed round circles in areas that have delaminated.  Because the glass separation may affect the integrity of the windows it is more than a simple cosmetic issue. Because of this, the Capitol Commission has been actively engaged with the original renovation contractor to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement to share costs and complete the work.

Windows reachable by ladder both in common areas and tenant spaces will be replaced beginning the second week of June with minimal interruption for both tenants and visitors.

Reaching the skylights on the 4th floor and upper rotunda areas will require erecting scaffolding. Every level of the Capitol rotunda from the garden level to the fourth floor will have some impact from the project. The garden level will be reinforced to support a material hoist installed on the first floor and scaffolding will be installed from the second floor to the fourth. A temporary protective wall will surround the interior of the rotunda allowing the building to remain open to both tenants and visitors during the duration of the project.

Construction of the scaffolding will begin the week of July 5th with an anticipated completion date of October 15th. We will update the schedule and publish it here as the project progresses.

Discovering the Capitol’s Splendor

The dome of Idaho’s State Capitol rises 208 feet into the Boise skyline, a classical architectural form prominent among the city’s modern multi-story buildings and the landscape’s rolling foothills. The Renaissance Revival Capitol is Idaho’s most significant historic structure and a building that reflects the state’s political, social, and economic history.

Over 100 years since conception, the Capitol continues to function as the seat of Idaho’s state government, currently housing the executive and legislative branches and numerous state offices, which occupy much of the approximately 111,600 square feet of usable space.

The Capitol and its surrounding grounds occupy two blocks of the urban grid, providing grounds proportional to the building’s roughly 328-foot north and south facades and its depth of approximately 170 feet established by the east/west axis.

The south facade offers the principal entrance, at the culmination of a vehicular approach to the building that cuts centrally through the city as part of a grand procession leading to the Capitol. The siting of the building enhances its authoritative scale and strong classical design.

Although the use of transitional architectural form is drawn from various historic epochs, the materials used in realizing the design draw upon local resources. Composed of locally quarried stone, the sandstone exterior resonates the dusty light auburn hues of Boise’s surrounding foothills, adapting the Capitol’s civic symbolism to serve the people and land of Idaho.

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