About our Restoration and Addition Project

Historical Restoration:
Preservation of Capitol Items and Furnishings

As part of the Capitol restoration project, items typically on display are removed, photographed, cataloged, restored (as needed), and then placed in storage. Once the Capitol building renovatation is complete, the items will be returned to the building for display.

Conservation of Three Spanish-American War Flags

In 1999, the Idaho Legislature appropriated $25,000 for artifact restoration within the Idaho State Capitol Building as part of the overall Capitol restoration process. The funds were focused on the conservation of three deteriorating Spanish American War flags that are displayed on the fourth floor of the Capitol.

flag needing repair

The three Spanish-American War flags are of historic significance and are among initial artifacts restored:

  • a United States flag with an inscription for the “1ST REGIMENT INFANTRY IDAHO VOLUNTEERS”
  • a Philippine Battle flag with an inscription for “BATTALION MANILA”
  • an Idaho state flag with an “Esta perpetua” seal and an inscription for the “1ST IDAHO VOLUNTEERS”

Request for proposals were sent to several conservators, and as a result of the recommendation by the evaluation committee, Textile Preservation Associates of Keedysville, Maryland was selected to conduct the work. The final cost was approximately $19,000.

damage on the flag

All work on the flags was done by appropriate and approved conservation methods. Test solubilites were completed on the dyes, stains, and soiled areas for cleaning purposes. Once cleaned, they were humidified, flattened, and prepared for stabilization to prevent further tearing. Finally, they were secured in a shadow box or Plexiglas vitrine to be exhibited on a wall or display in the Capitol building. Light and temperature was considered.

The restored flags are currently housed at the Idaho Historical Museum. Once the Capitol building renovatation is complete, the flags will be returned to the building for display.

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