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Project Log: March 2008

Capitol Skylighting

In 1913, the Idaho Capitol's original architect, J.E. Tourtellotte observed, “Idaho's Capitol on the interior is flooded with light. Its rotunda, corridors, and interior as a whole is nearer perfect in this respect than any building of its kind perhaps in the world.”

One more vital step in restoring the grandeur of the Idaho State Capitol will be to relocate mechanical and electrical infrastructure that has crowded-out natural lighting. Vast amounts of conduit and duct work is coming down as each top floor skylight membrane is carefully removed and stored for replacement later in the project.

In the restored Idaho State Capitol building, light will cascade down through the building and bathe even the first floor in natural illumination.

Natural light
Natural light will once again bathe the Capitol as obsolete mechanical fixtures head for recycling.
A member of the demolition team removes old conduit from the area above the Idaho State Capitol rotunda skylights. The restored Capitol will return to the original architect's vision.
obstructions unnecessary ducting
materials to recycle

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