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Project Log: February 2008

Statuary Hall Restoration

Another treasure of the original (circa 1912) central section of the Idaho State Capitol is the barrel ceiling, beaux arts columns, and classical entablature of its Statuary Hall. Upon restoration, this beautiful fourth-floor alcove will again allow all visitors the best (public) view of the Boise Depot and its southern environs. A generation ago, budget pressures forced planners to preserve the building by hiding much needed infrastructure in dropped ceilings. The grandeur of statuary hall yielded to modest dropped ceiling tiles which were a low cost solution that left the room's hidden features preserved.

EverGreene Painting Studios—restoration experts to over half of the state Capitol restorations in the United States—recently completed the first corner section of a multi-layer cornice which completely replicates the turn of the (19th) century style of the original fourth-floor showcase. The challenge ahead for EverGreene (and all restoration experts reporting to construction manager Jacobson Hunt Joint Venture) is appearing now after layers of minor modifications have been carefully stripped away during the restoration project's demolition phase. The ‘egg and dart’ caps atop classical pilasters are missing or damaged, and they will demand precise adherence to architectural discipline to portray a convincing restoration when the building reopens in 2010.

Idaho Capitol's "Statuary Hall" classical architecture receives an initial restoration by EverGreene Painting Studios.

Making way for a comprehensive restoration, this ductwork has been removed from the Idaho Capitol's fourth floor statuary hall.

Marble pilasters, plaster ‘egg and dart’ column caps and stately cornice work with significant sections missing will challenge the buildings restoration team.

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