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Project Log: July 2007

Space Allocation and Design Update

The Legislative Committee on Space Allocation & Design met July 16 to tackle a list of programming topics for the renovated Capitol Building. Agenda items included tenant improvements within conference rooms, private offices, restrooms, and other open space within the building. There was also spirited discussion of the dais and seating layouts within the hearing rooms in the new underground wings.

Space Allocation and Design meeting

CSHQA is the architectural firm charged with designing the space within the building and new wings. They were available to answer questions and to garnish direction from the Committee so that design work can continue on schedule. Technology, including projection screens, cable TV capacity, video conferencing, and sound systems, was a major component of discussion as well.

This Committee, comprised of Senators Stegner, Geddes, Cameron, and Werk, and Representatives Bedke, Black, Jaquet, and Denney, will continue to meet throughout the duration of the Capitol Renovation Project. So far, construction continues as projected and is scheduled to be complete at the end of 2009.

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