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Project Log: May 2007

Capitol Tenants Move On Schedule

moving from the Capitol

The now vacant Idaho statehouse is the result of lengthy and precise planning by specialists from the Legislative Services Office and the Idaho Division of Public Works. The moves went largely as planned and on schedule. Legislative Tenants of the Idaho State Capitol building began a complex and highly choreographed move in mid-April to temporary "swing space" in the Idaho Capitol Annex. Though widely-known as the “old Ada County Courthouse,” the Capitol Annex is going to be newly busy as the home of the Idaho State Legislature from sine die 2007 until the 2010 Idaho Capitol re-opening.

Nick Guho of Guho Corporation reported to JFAC that “an exhaustive analysis of the building” has resulted in a list of items to fix before legislative offices relocate this Spring. He also reassured committee members that “we've addressed noise abatement” during the second phase of construction to minimize disruption to those who will be occupying the building.

moving from the Capitol

Joe Rutledge, assistant project manager for the Capitol Restoration (Division of Public Works), worked with Annex contractors to insure that the move process causes minimal disruption of the state government's business.

Two unfurnished courtrooms in the Annex will serve as House and Senate chambers in the refurbished Annex. The Joint Advisory Committee on Relocation 2008 & 2009 Legislative Sessions intends for swing space to serve as a “clean office environment, using existing offices where possible and utilizing less expensive open space work stations where possible.”

The Governor, Lt. Governor, Treasurer, and the Secretary of State now occupy temporary quarters in the Borah Building. Some Secretary of State functions will also be housed in the State Library. The Attorney General's offices and the Division of Financial Management will reside in the J.R. Williams building. Moves by these state officials and their staffs finished in mid-May.

If you have any questions regarding the Capitol moves, contact the following people:

    Legislative office moves: Robyn Lockett (334-2475)
    Constitutional office moves: Kelly Shleiper (332-1938)
    Artwork or historic artifacts: Ken Swanson (841-6467)
    Capitol Commission: Gary Daniel (332-1867)

moving from the Capitol

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