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Project Log: April 2007

Idaho Capitol Groundbreaking 2007: Commission Marks the “End of the Beginning”

“As I take one last look at this impressive building before we start our groundbreaking, I'm reminded of the challenge architect John E. Tourtelette put before us 94 years ago when he said, ‘Examine, if you please, the temples and capitols of the world in modern times and ask yourself if they do not truly represent the people, locations, and the periods in which they were built—as a monument to the dignity, intelligence, and moral ideals of her people and the resources of her domain—how aptly they tell the story of man's state.’” Jack Kane, Capitol Commission Chairman

“Long after most of the impressive buildings around it in downtown Boise, long after our great grandchildren have enjoyed it, this Capitol building will still stand.” Jim Risch, Lieutenant Governor

Groundbreaking Ceremony


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Capitol Commission Taking Proposals to Craft Wood from Historic Trees

The Idaho Capitol Commission is asking interested woodworkers to participate in the restoration and expansion of the state Capitol building. Artisans with the skills and equipment to convert wood from Statehouse trees into memorial woodwork are asked to donate the majority of their finished product back to the state for use in and around the state Capitol in Boise.

Rep. Max Black displays historic wood

When the state Capitol reopens in 2010, desks, bookcases, benches, small carvings, and mementos will adorn the completely-restored historic main Capitol, as well as its new legislative areas. They will symbolically connect the old Capitol with the new, using wood harvested from trees removed from the Capitol grounds. The maples, cherries, spruce, oaks, and pines have either lost their homes to make way for expansion or were in declining health.

“These trees are too large or too old to survive the transplant process,” said Keith Johnson, Director, Idaho Department of Administration. “Three quarters of the trees on the Capitol grounds were successfully moved to new locations on the state Capitol Mall,” he said. Some of the trees to be removed in late May are historic and of great value to the Capitol's history. The original Roosevelt tree was planted on the Capitol grounds by Theodore Roosevelt himself on a visit of western states in 1903.

The Capitol Commission asked the Department of Administration to supervise the lumber harvest and select highly-skilled woodworkers. The chosen craftsmen must reside in or have a significant connection to Idaho. They must be willing to propose designs of their final products to the state this summer with the understanding that most of the wood must return to the state for permanent Statehouse display.

Any wood hobbyist or professional interested in participating can ask for a Request for Proposal in June that will explain the types and amounts of wood available. The RFP will spell-out how to propose use of the wood and terms for donating the finished product back to the State of Idaho. A committee will determine who will work on the historic timber. Please contact Diane Blume at (208) 332-1826 or at diane.blume@adm.idaho.gov.

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