About our Restoration and Addition Project

Legislation Affecting the Commission

Bill Purpose
1998 H0690a Creation
1999 H0118 Appropriation
1999 S1280 Appropriation
2000 H0532 Appropriation
2000 H0776 Appropriation
2001 H0342 Appropriation
2001 H0344 Appropriation
2001 HCR021 Support by Legislature
2002 S1523 Appropriation
2003 S1180 Appropriation
2004 S1238 Capitol Endowment Funds
2004 S1411 Appropriation
2005 H0358 Appropriation
2005 H0386 Extension of Cigarette Tax
2005 SCR108 Legislative Interim Study Committee
2005 S1180 Extension of License Plates
2006 HCR047 Restoration / 2-Level Wing Additions
2006 S1462 Construction Manager At-Risk
2006 S1491 Appropriation
2007 H0218 Capitol Master Plan
2007 H0277 Appropriation
2008 H0355 Capitol License Plates
2008 H0445 Capitol Building Projects
2008 H0635 Appropriation
2009 S1244 Appropriation
2009 S1215 Food Service
2010 H0705 Appropriation
2010 SCR115 Renovation

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